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How Creative Technology transformed a trillion dollar industry.

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From the heyday of TV advertising, to the dawn of the Internet, to the rise of the digital experience, makeshift explores the art and science behind the advertising industry’s 20+ year evolution.

See how creative technologies drove a shift from pushing messages through TV, radio, print and outdoor ads to delivering increasingly engaging, immersive and valuable digital experiences to consumers. While some advertisers struggled to evolve, a brave new generation grasped the possibilities—both creative and strategic—and harnessed these fast-changing technologies to enhance their creativity, test new business models and press ahead.

Behind the film

makeshift is a story about the agencies and makers behind the brands. Our team interviewed a range of leaders from developers to designers to creative directors to founders at some of the most innovative agencies in the world, both small and large, digital and traditional.

The film takes an inside look at how these makers and agencies have shifted and re-shifted their skillsets, creativity and businesses, as new creative technologies emerged, declined, and were replaced by the next technology in an endless cycle of change. makeshift shines light on this beautifully frustrating pattern, and celebrates the makers that have embraced the shift and thrived.

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Morten Sølvstrøm

Creative Director, Hello Monday

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<p>Morten Sølvstrøm, a Danish creative living in New York, works as a Creative Director at Hello Monday, NYC.</p>
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Kamron Robinson

Senior Motion Designer, Hello Monday

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<p>Kamron Robinson is a multidisciplinary designer and animator from Arlington, TX / Frankfurt, Germany / Alexandria, VA and now based in Brooklyn, NY.</p>
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Johnny Slack

Front-end Developer, Hello Monday

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<p>Johnny Slack is an audiovisual programmer, the technical director at Hello Monday, and 1/2 of interactive production studio Cartelle.</p>
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David-Michel Davies

CEO, The Webby Awards

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<p>David-Michel Davies is CEO of The Webby Awards.</p>
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Piero Frescobaldi

Founder & Chairman, Unit9

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<p>Born and bred in Florence, Italy among vineyards, Piero first studied Biology in Massachusetts, then came back to Italy to build a career in film production, before setting up innovation production company Unit9 in Florence in 1996 with his two best friends.</p>
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Nick Law

VP, Marcom Integration, Apple

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<p>Nick Law’s career spans 30 years and four continents. He has twice been named in Creativity 50, a list of the world’s most influential creative people.</p>
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Jay Hunt

Group Creative Director, Havas

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<p>Jay Hunt was born and raised in the UK, lived in NZ, works in advertising at Havas in New York, NY.</p>
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Peter Gosselin

Executive Creative Director, Havas

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<p>Pete Gosselin has experience working with Havas, Droga5, Grey Group, DDB New Zealand, and more.</p>

BonusVideo Shorts

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The Internet was based on the principle of making information flow more easily and broadly. In our user-focused economy, open source is essential to build and improve the complex experiences that consumers now demand.

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When a new social network comes alive, or a new technology is introduced, the challenge is clear: Be the first to use that technology intrinsically to get to a core audience.

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Gone are the days when advertising existed only to entertain or educate consumers about new products. Brands have been forced to evolve to not just explain what they do, but provide greater value through their utility to consumers.



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